The 12 Days of Lost Worlds

Happy Holidays to everyone out there, regardless of what you celebrate.  Adam here again, and I have a special video series for you.  It’s called “The 12 Days of Lost Worlds”.

The basic idea is that I’ll be doing one video review of a Lost Worlds book, or series of books, or just something that is related to the Lost Worlds combat system, every day from December 13th thru the 24th.  Each video will be a surprise, so you won’t know what book may come up next.  But I can say this, the video planed for the 18th is going to be a very fitting one, in anticipation for an upcoming movie franchise’s return to the silver screen.

The footage for all these videos was already shot last week, and editing is being worked on each video.  Not perfect mind you, but I work with what I can.  You can catch the entire playlist for this series Youtube, or check the Lost Worlds Facebook page for links to each video as they’re posted (in the fan posts section).  New videos will be posted dally, so stay tuned and see what review is next.

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New Queen’s Blade Grimoire – Coming in February!

Snow White, Magic Princess of the Mirror

Magic mirror in my hand, who’s the strongest beautiful fighter of the land… no, never you mind, we both know the answer to that

Untitled drawingA beautiful princess from the Apple Kingdom. Envied by her Stepmother, the Queen, for her radiant beauty, Snow White was banished from her Kingdom to the woods and had myriad assassins sent against her. However, thanks to the discovery of a magic dagger deep within the forest, along with the awakening of her latent summoning abilities, the Queen’s plot took a different turn, with the princess growing only stronger and stronger with each ambush before becoming a powerful Beautiful Fighter in her own right.*



Snow White, Magic Princess of the Mirror will be available for purchase in February 2016. Look for the latest Queen’s Blade Characters in our Online Shop!

( *
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Queen’s Blade – English Version Books Coming Soon!

Good News!!

The Queen’s Blade English Version Books that have been Out of Stock are on their way back to our online store and Coming Soon!! We will send an update once they are available, so keep your eye on our page.

Alleyne the Fighting Master

Alleyne the Fighting Master

Nanael the Angel of Light

Nanael the Angel of Light

Tomoe the Musha-Miko

Tomoe the Musha-Miko

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South Jersey Geekfest – Fall Edition

South Jersey Geekfest

Join us for a day of games and all things geeky at South Jersey Geekfest – Fall Edition on October 24th!!

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Queen’s Blade 10th Anniversary Tournament at Anime Fargo 2015

As you may know, this year marks Hoddy Japan’s Queen’s Blade series celebrating 10 years. Well, to celebrate this milestone, I will be hosting a special tournament this year at Anime Fargo (September 18th-20th).

This tournament will require that all those participating must be at least 16 years or older at the time of the tournament. Sign up will begin on Friday the 18th, and will be open until Saturday. The tournament itself will be Saturday a 7PM, and will be a double elimination tournament. We will be open for up to 16 players, but if there is enough interest, it can be bumped up to a 32 player tournament.

Books will be provided for this tournament, 36 in total. Players will also be allowed to bring their own books, provided that it is a female character, and is approved by the head of the tournament (some books will not be used due to content).

The winner will receive a special custom Queen’s Blade trophy, a Despina combat book (provided by Firelight Games), and a “Lost Worlds Starter Set”, which was donated by the CoreCon game room (which consists of a Knights of the Dinner Table Teflon Billy book and a Brimstone the Fire Giant book). More prizes may be added at a later date.

Hope to see you all there.


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Thank you for a great day at Fun & Wargames at Fort Mifflin!

We had a lot of fun on July 11th at Fort Mifflin’s Fun & Wargames event! Thank you to Kevin D. Impellizer the Education Program Coordinator at Fort Mifflin on the Delaware. We look forward to next year’s event. See you all next year at Fort Mifflin!

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Queen’s Blade Grimoire – Despina, Harem Piper Now Available

Despina, Harem Piper, the lastest Queen’s Blade Grimoire Lost Worlds Book is now available. Check it out on our Online Store!

despina harem-piper

despina harem-piper

Series: Queensblade Grimoire
Release Date:  June 26, 2015
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Hobby Japan
Lost Worlds Character Book Design: Jill Leonardi

*This book is in Japanese.

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