Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Game Books

Lost Worlds is a diceless “combat picture book game” designed and trademarked by AlfredOA_winner_seal300 Leonardi and originally published in 1983 by Nova Game Designs. Lost Worlds won the Charles Roberts/Origins Award for Best Fantasy Boardgame of 1983.

Each book contains one fantasy character that can face-off against any other fantasy character book using the Lost Worlds game system. Two books are required to play. Each book comes with a character card which contains maneuvers. The card is kept by the player while trading the books which allows you to see the results of your move on your opponent. You see what happens to them and they see what happens to you. The game is rated for players age 8+ and takes about 5-15 minutes to play.

Copyright 2015 Jill Leonardi
Lost Worlds is a trademark of Jill Leonardi and is used with permission.

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