* Editors Note: This is an article that my father wrote in 1995. It is being reprinted here with his expressed permission.
Alfred Leonardi

Alfred Leonardi

The inspiration for Lost Worlds came when playing a favorite character in Pieter’s dungeon. As ‘Gardenia the Housecarl’ I had passed, with some scrapes, down several levels of the dungeon, only to round a corner and cross the path of an unmoving, unsociable and determined trollish foe. Wounded and staggering from a poison dart, my hopes of survival seemed dim. Pieter grabbed the dice and prepared to roll.

Here we go again. Why must we always solve the high point of the game with a luck roll? As a game player, I may have the skill to lead my character to safety. I began to think, “Why not create a combat system that allows for skill?” Thus the germ of an idea was born.

This idea quickly led my thinking in two directions. First, skill means that the characters do things like swing, thrust and jump; physical actions which can be seen. Thus the game could be grapahically displayed. Also, skill means there are actions and reactions. So, real data needed to be referenced. But who knows what happens when a knight swings his sword high at a troll who is down-swinging his great club? Why, the Society for Creative Anachronism, of course!

A year later, after some intensive studying of college students beating each other with sticks, the first LOST WORLDS books were released into the known world.

Who are these characters from Lost Worlds? The first of them began to arrive about 1983. There was a fighter in chain mail and a band of sundry other characters. Unlike today’s characters, they were nameless and their special abilities were undefined. Since that time, we have learned a great deal about each one, and it might be helpful if we divulge their names, abilities, and standard gear.

man in chain
Man in Chainmail with Sword & Shield
Amulf of Peth
Tactic points: 6
Gear: sword, shield, chainmail, helm, 3 general items


Skeleton with Scimitar
called “Orts”, Saxon for scraps or debris
Tactic points: 4
Gear: scimitar, shield, 3 general items


Dwarf with 2-handed Axe

Tronc of Farrel Dun
Luck points: 7
Gear: 2 handed axe, chainmail, helm, 3 general items


Giant Goblin
Dirtag the ‘da Wong’ of Uc
Tactic points: 5
Gear: mace, shield, breastplate, 3 general items


woman in scale

Woman with Sword & Shield
Grace of Val Tor
Luck points: 7
Gear: sword, shield, chainmail, helm, 3 general items


hill troll

Hill Troll with Club
Gob the boaster
Luck points: 5
Gear: club, 3 general items



Barbarian with 2-handed Sword
Eroc of Northlund
Tactic points: 5
Gear: 2-handed sword, dressed in fur, helm, 3 general items



Fighter Mage
Dalclion XII
Red Magic points: 10
Gear: sword, dressed in robes, 5 general items
Wraith with Sickle
called “Craven” a cry for mercy
Luck points: 8
Gear: sickle, 3 general items

Cold Drake
called “Naud” the bane of Jar Dun
Unlimited general items, but unable to use (may trade items to negate restrictions if opponent agrees)
Halfling with Sword & Shield
Timothy Tompkins of Duncomb
Luck points: 12
Gear: sword, 3 daggers, shield, 3 general items
Lizard Man with Scimitar & Buckler
Paridle ‘da Unger’ of Uc
Luck points: 4
Gear: Scimitar, buckler, 2 general items

Man in Plate with Sword & Shield
Burton Langshanks
Tactic points: 8
Gear: sword, shield, full plate armor, 3 general items

Man with Short Sword & Dagger
Rashni Gil Janus
Luck points: 7
Gear: sword, dagger, 3 general items
Woman with Quarterstaff
Faun le Fey
Tactic points: 8
Gear: staff, 5 general items
Winged Gargoyle with Schimitar
called “Cob”
Luck points: 4
Gear: scimitar, 1 general item
Ctesias Ogian
Luck points: 3 cards any value, Gear: 3 general items
Samurai with Katana
called “Brave One”
Tactic points: 6
Gear: katana, bone armor, helm, 3 general items

Ninja with Ninjato
called “Night Owl”
Tactic points: 10
Gimmick points: 10
Gear: ninjato, 3 general items
Bith Female Cleric
Red & Yellow Magic points: 12
Gear: dagger, 7 general items

Hathor Troll with Axe
Tactic points: 4
Gear: axe, rocks, 3 general items

Cal Warrior with Sword & Shield
Tactic points: 5
Gear: sword, shield, leather armor, 3 general items

Endril Archer with Epee
Red & Yellow Magic points: 10
Gear: epee, bow, 5 arrows, leather armor, 3 general items

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