Alfred Leonardi – Game Designer

Alfred Leonardi was a 7/8th Grade History teacher but started designing games at an early age. His passion for history manifests itself in his research for some revolutionary games. Many consider his coup de gras the pictorial aerial combat game, Ace of AcesTM. He patented the system after 5 years of research, models and hand drawings to perfect it. This diligent and persistent drive paid off in the form of an enthusiastic reception by many military pilots as well as game fanatics. The game was nominated as a 1993 Origins Awards Product Hall of Fame Inductee. The game was reprinted in 2013 after a successful Kickstarter campaign by Rick Loomis, a licensed publisher at the time.

Lost WorldsTM was released in 1983 and won the Charles Thomas/Origins Award for Best Fantasy Boardgame of 1983. The game has been sold and played since it’s debut. The latest series using the game system is Queens Blade from Hobby Japan and of course, Firelight Game Company’s plan for the Legend’s Gauntlet series. Over 75 characters have been created and published by various companies granted the license, including knights, mythical creatures, gunslingers, robots, zombies, pirates, female Japanese warriors, wizards, giants and many more. What is truly amazing is that all characters are compatible with other game books using the game system after 30 years of publication.

Alfred Leonardi was recently interviewed by GMS magazine about the game design process for Ace of Aces and Lost Worlds. Go to Alfred Leonardi GMS Interview



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