Guess what came in the mail this morning…

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6 Responses to Guess what came in the mail this morning…

  1. Adam Bock says:

    Got my order from you just the other day! Thank You!

    I had a question about another product in your store. Is anyone monitoring your email? I sent an email there and also used the contact form on your other page, but it’s been about 2 weeks and no response.


  2. 1havok12 says:

    Hi Seratet! It’s been a few months so just wanted to check in. I am still looking for a copy of the English version of Melona’s book. I’ll be honest, it is difficult to understand who, if anyone, is printing these anymore or may have a copy? Is there some way to order one or find a used copy somewhere? Thank you in advance!


  3. Seratet says:

    … character book is released.


  4. 1havok12 says:

    Hi again Seratet! It’s been a while. Hope you and the people you care about have been safe and healthy since last I posted. Crazy past couple of months for sure!

    I know it’s a long shot, but I am still trying to locate just 1 copy of the Melona Assassin book in english. You are the only person I have seen that was actually selling them at one point. Is there any way you can help me track one down or somehow order 1? I would be interested in hearing about any options you can think of.


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