Winter Devil Cinderella Now Available!!


Winter Devil Cinderella

Now available at our online store, Winter Devil Cinderella!

Buy Now $25.00

‘”Now then, whatever shall I cast? A spell of ice perhaps? One that promises never ever to break, even as the clock strikes 12?”

Once a beautiful maiden who’d lost her parents at a young age and who’d been raised by her wicked stepmother as a result, Cinderella’s life forever changed the moment the Prince of Winter fell in love at first sight with her.

Invited to the Devil of Winter’s Castle, residence of the Prince’s father, at the Prince’s behest, Cinderella made certain not to miss the opportunity of a lifetime, and obtained a new power, now able to say goodbye to a lifetime of being covered in ash and soot from the nearby hot stove at her stepmother’s home.

Cinderella would later drive the castle’s former residents away and decide to keep the moniker of “Devil of Winter” for herself…’


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