Queen’s Blade Fight Club at Anime Fargo 2016

Adam here again, and this time I wish to announce the Lost Worlds open game demo I’m hosting at Anime Fargo this year.


I’m calling it the “Queen’s Blade Fight Club”.  It will be held on Friday Sept. 23rd, and Saturday Sept. 24th, at around 9PM CST.  The reason it will be held at night is for two reasons.  First, this will be open to all Queen’s Blade books with no restrictions, so this will be a 17 or older game demo.  Second, this hopefully will be around the time the Dealers Room and Artists Alley will be closed, so all vendors and artists attending will also be allowed to participate.

Also, the head of the Tabletop Game Room asked me to list challenges for the game demo.  After talking with some of the members of the Queen’s Blade Wiki, I did come up with a few.  I’m not sure what they want these challenges for, but here’s a few of them to give you an idea.


  • Devoted Maid: Win a match as Airi with full health.
  • Overkill: Defeat your opponent in the first hit.
  • I Know Your Weakness: Do 2 critical hits in one match.
  • Dragonslayer: Defeat the Ice Drake ON YOUR OWN.

Keep in mind, this is only a small list of the challenges I submitted.  You’ll have to attend the demo to see the full list, and what they’re being used for.  And if you have your own books, feel free to bring them.


Hope to see you there.

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