The 12 Days of Lost Worlds

Happy Holidays to everyone out there, regardless of what you celebrate.  Adam here again, and I have a special video series for you.  It’s called “The 12 Days of Lost Worlds”.

The basic idea is that I’ll be doing one video review of a Lost Worlds book, or series of books, or just something that is related to the Lost Worlds combat system, every day from December 13th thru the 24th.  Each video will be a surprise, so you won’t know what book may come up next.  But I can say this, the video planed for the 18th is going to be a very fitting one, in anticipation for an upcoming movie franchise’s return to the silver screen.

The footage for all these videos was already shot last week, and editing is being worked on each video.  Not perfect mind you, but I work with what I can.  You can catch the entire playlist for this series Youtube, or check the Lost Worlds Facebook page for links to each video as they’re posted (in the fan posts section).  New videos will be posted dally, so stay tuned and see what review is next.

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