Lost Worlds News

Summer is for BBQ’s …and games! We enjoyed both Saturday evening as we sat down to play one of Alfred’s games yet to be released. It’s basically a race for the presidency by getting as many electoral votes as possible while navigating media exposure and change in public viewpoint. Like his other games, this is ingeniously balanced and includes a level of realism that only a History teacher/game designer can pull off. Good family fun. We had a good laugh while we read the handwritten cards slightly incorrect but very humorous “translation” during our playtesting.

Alfred brought this, some other games and some MORE Lost Worlds character books. That along with our planned reprints means we will have more characters available at RetroCon! We’ll be adding these additions to our store soon, so stay tuned.

Over the weekend I also worked on our new domain, lostworlds.com, with links to the latest official rules, how-to-play videos, a PDF of the Lost Worlds catalogue and of course our store. We will have a list of corrections for previously released books soon. Lastly, we have the Skeleton “re-mastered” with corrections and nearly ready to go to the printers for the Firelight Game Company reprint version. Hope everyone’s having a great summer! Cheers!

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