Queen’s Blade Grimoire – Masou Kenki Kaguya

New Queen’s Blade Grimoire Lost Worlds Book Available!

Masou Kenki Kaguya

Masou Kenki Kaguya

Queen’s Blade Grimoire – Masou Kenki Kaguya        $25.00

Series: Queensblade Grimoire
Release Date: 
April 26, 2014
Hobby Japan


“He who wants to marry Kaguya, bring me treasure!”
The collector of (treasure of magic) Masou, self-proclaimed “Person from the Moon”.
Mitsuga steals treasures from various people with her cute appearance but
truly a wicked woman, just very child-like. She was brought up spoiled by her foster grandfather and grandmother.
She took part in the tournament because she is interested in obtaining the Queen’s Blade.
Note:This book is not intended for all audiences. May contain sexual content. Viewer/buyer discretion is advised.


*This book is in Japanese.

Lost Worlds is a trademark of Jill Leonardi and is used with permission.

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