Hobby Japan – Queen’s Blade Series On Sale

Firelight Game Company now selling Queen’s Blade Lost Worlds books!

Hansel and Gretel coverConfectioner Gretel – Witch Slayer Pastry Chef  $24.99
Firelight Game Company is proud offer you Hobby Japan’s latest Queen’s Blade book, Confectioner Gretel – Witch Slayer Pastry Chef.

pirate girl 01Queen’s Blade: The Live, Pirate Captain Liliana – Sayama Ayaka Edition  $27.99
Now available! Hobby Japan presents Sayama Ayaka as Pirate Captain Liliana – Comes with a Special Edition DVD.


The Lost Worlds series is a dice-less pictorial game where 2 players with their own character book and character card use the system to simulate combat with a point system. At the beginning of play each player keeps their character card to choose combat maneuvers while passing their pictorial book to their opponent who views the battle from a first person point of view, viewing the effects on their opponent through the illustrations on the resultant page.

Easy to learn. All books are compatible with all other books in the series including spinoffs such as the Tunnels and Trolls, Queen’s Blade and others. 2 books required for play.

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