Special Announcement!

After over 50 years of game design, award winning game designer, Alfred Leonardi, has decided to turn in his game designer cap and has handed the torch to his daughter and Firelight partner, Jill Leonardi. Alfred will spend his well earned retirement doing what every gamer loves doing, playing games.

Firelight Game Company and Jill Leonardi have partnered together and Firelight Game Company is now the exclusive licensing agent for all the games including Ace of Aces, Lost Worlds and previously unreleased games. Firelight Games may produce some of these ourselves but is also open to licensing the game systems to other entities as they have been in the past.

We have been working behind the scenes in preparation and hope to have more announcements soon regarding the release or re-release of some of these games. Our aim is to bring these games to a new generation and take advantage of technology to bring them into the 21st century. We’re very excited about the possibilities it presents for the future of our fledgling game company. The news comes just in time for our attendance of the Philly Comic Con this coming Saturday, June 1st.

Stay tuned. We have more in store!

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