Want a break from Vancian magic? Pure Magic gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.

What is ‘Spheres of Power’?

Spheres of Power is a completely new magic system usable with Pathfinder and other D20 fantasy games. Rather than simply being a new way to access the old system (spell levels, spells per day, spell slots, etc.,) Spheres of Power reworks everything from the ground up, giving players and GMs a talent-based magic system that provides everything they need to explore whole new settings and characters.

Why a new magic system?

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game contains a magic system with roots that stretch all the way back to the first incarnation of the World’s Oldest RPG. This magic system has served the game well, yet it isn’t the only magic system present in Fantasy literature. What about the worlds without a divine/arcane divide? What about worlds with spell-less magic, such as Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series? What about the Xanth series, where everyone possesses a single magic talent, and wizards are simply those who’s powerful talent and extensive practice puts them above the average? Some say Pathfinder is designed to give you the tools you need to create your own worlds and heroes, but with so many classes, archetypes, and mythic monsters at your disposal, why limit yourself to only one spellcasting system?

Spheres of Power is designed to answer these questions by giving your gaming table a flexible, intuitive, and completely new tool for your gaming toolbox. Perhaps you’re a GM who has trouble balancing the current magic system, or wants to create a setting without the implications of divine magic and other classic D&D tropes. Perhaps you’re a player who wants to better realize a specific concept, or simply wants a break from the way they’ve been building spellcasters for years.

Whatever the reason, Spheres of Magic is here to be that something else. That new option to help you build settings, magic-users, and adventures in whole new ways.

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