The Firelight Convention Crew had a great time last Saturday, October 25th at South Jersey Geekfest held in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey.  We had a great time and were happy to see some familiar faces as well as new. We love our geeky neighbors in New Jersey!


RetroCon 2014 is fast approaching and we are excited to bring shiny new, hot off the presses reprints of the Skeleton and Man in Chain. So come on down to the Firelight Game Company booth at RetroCon on September 27 & 28 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA and check them out!




Greeting to my fellow gamers.  I am Adam Hammer, or “Eradose”, as most of my online profiles will state.  You may remember me from my “Introduction to Lost Worlds” videos on Youtube, or from some of the other projects I’ve done on Tumblr, Deviantart, and other sites.  I’ve been a collector of Lost Worlds books for quite a few years now, starting with my first book, Queen’s Gate Dizzy (thinking it was an artbook when I bought it on eBay).  Since then, my collection of Lost Worlds books has gotten up to over 60 books and growing.

For the past three years, I have been running a Lost Worlds game demo at the Fargo Entertainment Expo (or “Valleycon” for short), here in Fargo, North Dakota.  This year, my Lost Worlds demo has expanded.

This year marks the first annual Anime Fargo convention, and I will be hosting a panel called “Introduction to Queen’s Blade”, which will go over the series in general, as well as hopefully run a game demo.  The panel will run approximately an hour at 9PM on Saturday, September 27th (the late time due to this being an 18+ panel).  I will also have my collection of Lost Worlds books on hand throughout the day to allow people to play the game before the panel.  I will also have two other games on hand, Soda Pop Miniature’s Super Dungeon Explore on the 26th, and Japanime Game’s Tanto Cuore on the 28th.

I have a few plans for the panel, but until I can finalize these plans, I cannot elaborate further.

As for Valleycon, I do have a request pending for a Lost Worlds game demo for October 25th.  The times I requested are Noon, 1PM and 2PM.  This request is still pending, and I will post an update if it goes through.  This will be one of four game demos I will have planned for Valleycon (again, I will post more details when the requests are approved).

If you are in the Red River Valley area around the time of these conventions, come on in and play.

Just arrived yesterday, our first reprint of #1002 Skeleton with Scimitar and Shield! All suggested corrections are included. The Lost Worlds logo on the front as many later Lost Worlds character books had, and our own warm logo on the back. It’s undergone forensic graphic design, professionally printed with UV coated cover. The character cards are in process and we’ll have it ready for you at RetroCon. Just in time since we sold our last retail copies of the original.

Check out the official site of Lost Worlds,, recently launched with everything we could find on the game that’s been played around the world for over 30 years.

Here’s the Skeleton front, back and my favorite page… “Kicking“.

Front of 1002, Skeleton

Front of 1002, Skeleton

Back of 1002, Skeleton

Back of 1002, Skeleton

Skeleton Kicking page

Skeleton Kicking page

Play the Game!

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, or How I Learned to Win (or Lose) with Almost any Lost Worlds Character.

(Previously released)

Strange as it may seem, most of the Lost worlds books are roughly balanced against each other. (OK, so we’re not including the Cold Drake). Each of the books has its strengths and weaknesses, and the key to winning is to use that information better than your opponent does. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our contenders, from the original books to the present. Books that are “out of print” are marked with a star (*).

Man in Chain with Sword and Shield: The first book of the series is a fairly well balanced character. He doesn’t have any great weaknesses, except for the one that most characters in the system share: a vulnerability while doing orange maneuvers. Other than that, the standard man is a good character.

Skeleton with Scimitar: At first glance, the skeleton seems weak. With only 7 body points to the man’s 12, it looks to be a short, unsuccessful battle for the undead. Looks, however, can be deceiving. The skeleton is less vulnerable to thrusts than most characters. The skeleton is also able to restore body points by Ducking and picking up its bones. Most importantly, the skeleton is faster and therefore gets hit less often. Avoid trying for the big kill (stay away from Orange maneuvers), and slowly pick your opponent apart.

Dwarf with Two-Handed Axe: The first rule of playing the dwarf against most characters is “Stay at Extended Range!” This character has no decent short-range combat skills, and will be subject to the height penalty (-1 to your Red and Orange damage modifiers). The second rule is “Never Jump Away if your opponent can Downswing”. This particular combination of maneuvers leaves you holding the short end of the stick (your weapon breaks!) at which point, you might want to look up the rules on Escaping.

*Giant Goblin with Mace: The goblin’s great weakness governs the entire strategy for winning with him. Strong plate on the body reduces body wounds to mere scratches, but look a little lower and the goblin’s great weakness becomes apparent: unarmored legs. If you’re using the goblin, play blue maneuvers if possible. If you’re fighting the goblin, low sideswings and low thrusts are the best strategy. Remember that although the goblin is slightly slower than the man, it has more body points and more powerful maneuvers.

*Woman with Sword & Shield: At first, the complaints about the woman centered on her lower body point total (only 10). Slowly, people discovered that she was faster than any of the other characters. Using the basic sideswings and thrusts, this character can stand up to most of the others in the series.

*Hill Troll with Club: You’d think that, with 35 body points, this character would maul most everything else. Well, it can. As always, there is a need to resist using the heavy-duty maneuvers, and also to regenerate at every chance. Rage is a good set of maneuvers until your opponent gets wise to you. The biggest problem is that the troll is slow. You’ve got to play it that way, and let your opponent make the mistakes. When fighting the troll, the best maneuvers are going to be thrusts, both to keep him at close range as well as to keep him off balance.

*Barbarian with 2-handed Sword: The barbarian can learn from the dwarf regarding the benefits of extended range. Don’t get close unless your opponent has a long-range weapon. Further, use the combination moves to keep your opponent from gaining the edge.

*Fighter-mage with Magic Sword: High speed maneuvers plus magic! How can you go wrong? Well, relying on the magic to save you against a well-armed opponent will get you toasted really quick. Unless you’re fighting a slow opponent, magic is a once-or-twice-per-game event. (Using the new magic rules helps this character a lot!) Against the mage, use no orange maneuvers. The light armor means that even fakes will score some serious damage if you connect. The mage needs to cast a good protection spell early (while at extended range, if possible) and then use the fast maneuvers to whittle down his opponent’s strength.

*Wraith with Sickle: Look! Don’t Touch! should be the watchword on wraith (kicks, punches, bites, etc) automatically drains the attacker of 2 body points and adds it to the wraith. For this reason, this character is the absolute bane of the Troll, Unicorn, and several other “natural weapon” characters. When in the wraith’s position, use “Touch” liberally. It’s a killer, and against some heavily armored opponents, it’s the only real way of scoring damage.

The Cold Drake: No, this character wasn’t designed to be a one-on-one opponent. There was a great cry for a “real” monster, one that would oppose a dungeon party of four or five characters. And here it is. Unless you make coordinated attacks with multiple characters against this one, or get some special spell or effect (sleeping powder works nicely) count on losing most of your characters. To beat the beast, use three or four adventurers, and make sure at least one thrusts and another sideswings each turn. If done properly, the damage restrictions will keep the Cold Drake off-balance long enough to dispatch it.

*Halfling with Short Sword: This is one of those characters that should have been easy to defeat: light armor….average speed…short…and then we added those ‘deutronium’ daggers! Yes, rule number one with the halfling is to throw those daggers. Because of where the “Throw Dagger” maneuver falls on the matrix, the halfling’s little pigsticker is capable of breaking shields! Conversely, the best way to beat the halfling is to 1. use the height rule, and 2. Don’t let him throw those daggers! Short, quick maneuvers will dispatch him easily enough.

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